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Edn: govt. financing and pvt. administration

I came across something called Milton and Rose Friedman foundation.

Please check out the letter written by Milton Friedman on the "Introducing
the Foundation" page

this is an extract:

"This foundation is the culmination of what has been one of our main
interests for more than four decades: improvement in the quality of the
education available to children of all income and social classes in this
nation, whether that education is provided in government or private
schools or at home.

"That interest began in 1955 when we reached the conclusion that
government financing of primary and secondary schooling is entirely
consistent with private administration of schooling, and that such a
combination is both more equitable and more efficient than the existing
linkage of financing with administration."

By the way - and this is honest! I had not heard of this view of Friedman
(whom you can make out I somewhat respect, to say the least) before
expressing mine months earlier on this list. But as it happens - "great
minds think alike !! (ha!)" . My views on this topic were formed purely
from experiences in running the Education Department of Assam, and from
contemplation. I know that the problem Milton Friedman is addressing is
different from ours, (the public school system in USA is perhaps their
worst "achievement") but the principle is a sound one and extremely
relevant for India. We must try to incorporate this principle. The details
can be worked out by many experts.

Principle for manifesto is: 

* To change the model from government-run schools to government financing
of 100% privately managed primary and secondary education (i.e., complete
privatization of all educational management).


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