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>From Utkarsh:

1. Free Primary and Secondary Education

2. Mandatory Primary Education To Use Tax Payer's Funded Programs e.g. Government Hospitals 

3. Legislation to Introduce National Standard Tests At Various Primary and Secondary Education Levels

4. Legislation to Promote Private Polytechnics Offering Trade (Technical) Skill Programs

5. Limited Government Funding For Higher Education

6. Need-based Government Loans for Higher Education

7. Scholarships For College Students Volunteering In Adult Education Programs

8. Government Funding For Teacher Education Programs

9. Incentives for Industry Participation in designing and funding Higher Education

10. Legislation to promote establishment of private universities

11. Legislation to Introduce Industry Certification To Promote Quality In Various Professions


By Palanivel Rajan:

I sincerely believe that education is the answer to most of India's problems. I realize that the quality
of education in most rural areas is very poor. Also most of our universities do not have the facilities
for imparting the proper level of education. This is not going to change by just having students
teach rural students. We need something deeper and more significant. I believe that the following
changes will help the cause for education in India :

1. Integrate the various Boards of examination at school level and bring them under a common
board of superior quality (Like the present ICSE Board).

2. Make sure that the inhabitants of every city, town and village have access to a school with
proper facilities and a competent teaching staff, giving every person an equal oppurtunity to work
towards his/her goals irrespective of religion, caste, creed or sex.

3. Admit students to Undergraduate studies, not blindly based on their scores and castes, but
based on aptitude, skills and merit.

4. Increase the financial allocation for education in the national and state budgets so that these
objectives can be met.

I'm sure i might have missed out some important points, but the general idea is that we badly need
to improve our educational system if we are to look forward to a better India.


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