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Re: local monitoring and incentives

>* The government would pay teachers on the basis of a national formula
>which would reward those who work in the remoter villages by a
>significantly higher "rural incentive pay." The local villagers would be
>free to pay higher wage/ bonus/ donate land for their school teachers.

In general, the idea of a national formula for wages, costs, etc (anything
economic) should be scrapped as it does not conform with existing regional
imbalances in development between States, even districts w/in a State. Local
conditions could provide a better indication of the amount of monetary
incentives necessary to achieve certain objectives (i.e., number of
qualified teachers willing to work in rural areas).

As such, and esp as (I believe) the actual implementation of education
policy should be left to the states, let there be State level (or even
better, district level) formulas for public sector wages.

[In a separate, but related vein, regional imbalance (with which India is
severly inflicted) should be corrected with approprate broader policies and
incentives to promote growth in more 'backward' areas. E.g., promoting basic
infrastructure, while providing generous tax/monetary concessions, in a
background of political and social (i.e., labor) stability.]

- Pratap Raju

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