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Re: Manifesto

Dear Friends,

> I don't believe that the govt. should be involved in any selection of
> teachers/ Principals or in the management of schools, directly or

The concern expressed supportive to this argument stems from the 
corruption, teachers being not accountable and related issues. But 
these are exactly the points among others which we need to clear up 
and in that circumstance, assuming the existence of a committed 
governement, there is no reason as to why the state cannot provide 
top level infrastructure. The coexistence of both private and 
government schools can continue with both of them required to have 
uniform strategies of appointment and facilities. The concepts 
of no job security etc. might prove to be counterproductive in the 
long run. I still believe that it is the politics or rather the 
imbroglio in the present political scenario that has encouraged 
everyone to take every other person for a ride irrespective of the 
profession. Let me also add that a well directed mixture of politics 
and academics has done lots of good things although not in the 
present context of discussion and in addition  one has to think of 
what is the definition of "well directed". 

Regards and cheers


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