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Re: Manifesto

> The concern expressed supportive to this argument stems from the 
> corruption, teachers being not accountable and related issues. But 
> these are exactly the points among others which we need to clear up 
> and in that circumstance, assuming the existence of a committed 
> governement, there is no reason as to why the state cannot provide 
> top level infrastructure. ...[snip, snip]

There is a major flaw in this argument. Here we will be making the 
biggest and same mistake that India did after her independence. We
are expected to assume the existence of a committed governement???
When India got her independence, the leaders of our country were a
dedicated lot,  mostly pure at heart  and with the best intentions
towards Mother India. This is exactly what led Nehru and others to 
believe that they knew what was best for India and that the  State 
ould get involved in everything. Well, the results are there for
everyone to see. Socialism = Government Involvement in your life =
making your decisions for you  =  taking away  your constitutional
right to chose your paths = Corruption = What India is today. 

What we need are policies and laws  which ensure that in the event
that the  government is in  any way less than  perfect, the system
will  make it  impossible for anyone with ulterior motives to even 
attempt to be dishonest and corrupt. 

Remember, Corruption and honesty have one thing in common. Both are
epidemics, and can spread from person to person especially in India
where people are used to having others make their decisions for them.
The odd man out will find it hard to survive and if we can change the
corruption epidemic currently raging in India to that of a Honesty 
epidemic, then it will be the corrupt few that will find it hard to 
survive instead of the few good men that are struggling for existence
in India today. For this to happen, we must ensure that the system in
place is conducive to good instead of evil as is the case today. 
Manjunath Somayaji

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