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Re: Manifesto

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, P.K.  Madhu wrote:

> The concern expressed supportive to this argument stems from the 
> corruption, teachers being not accountable and related issues. But 
> these are exactly the points among others which we need to clear up 
> and in that circumstance, assuming the existence of a committed 
governement, there is no reason as to why the state cannot provide 
> top level infrastructure. The coexistence of both private and 
> government schools can continue with both of them required to have 
> uniform strategies of appointment and facilities. 

"assuming the existence of a committed government"

Your assumption is too bold, and unjustified from experience (mine as well
as of others) as well as virtually all studies even in the most developed
nations. This is the assumption "of a committed government" which
socialism starts with. This is a completely false assumption. One or two
people may be committed to something good: all others are committed to
themselves ONLY. Including you. Including me (well; you might be an

Now consider the alternative assumption: "parents are committed to their
children's education and its quality." Does this sound false?

I use this assumption in completely HANDING OVER the management of schools
back to the people. The stake holders must manage. Not a bureaucracy whose
intersts are different from those of the people. Trust me: this is also
the most democratic method of functioning; power is being give to YOU -
the citizen, to decide on who will teach your children. Do you dislike
that responsibility? Do you like to be spoon fed from above? I was
Secretary, Education, Assam a few years ago: today I would be
Commissioner: if I continue for longer, I will be Education Sec. of GOI.
(could be?) ... Do you like to take my choices of appintees of teachers?
Do you not trust yourself? Why do you like to make me your "mai-baap"? Why
can' you take care of yourself?

Do you think that parents are dumb and cannot take care of themselves? I
would in any case like to see 1 billion human beings in India and not 1
billion sheep, who cannot think for themselves.


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