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Re: Manifesto

Utkarsh: I am not sure how NCERT is run today but I would think that a board of teachers, policy makers and parents appointed by the education minister will be a good way to start.

The federal education minister, or the ones from the state? I'd prefer this power to be with the local ministers of education, who might then make more representative appointments. 

Utkarsh: Just talked to few guys at work. They tell me that usually schools are run by elected school supervisors, who report to the county board. So Sanjeev's thought of Panchayats overlooking the schools performance is somewhat on the same plane.

But interesting enough all the funding of schools does come from local taxes (more precisely property taxes). So now we need systems to collect property taxes to fund education. With India being 80 % rural I am not sure if we can fund schools from local taxes. So for the funding, I would think, we might have to go up to the district level and then distribute the money to the panchayat level.

The reason, I am mentioning this is becuase usualy, all the supplies are funded from the same money. So the books at the district levels are differnt. But recently this is what US government is trying to do away with. 

I would suggest that the syllabuses should be defined by the federal level. Books can designed at the state level. And management of the schools should be done at the local level. But the standards should be developed at the federal level. We have done so good by screening students in standard tests like IIT and other institutions at the national level why can't we do the same at X and X+2 level. 

Perhaps we can have a system where one gradually acquires proficiency in English during the final years fo school. 

Utkarsh: I would agree with that.

Do you think that university  education in English is necessary for all programs, or are there a few 
that need English while the rest can be adequately conducted in the local language? 

Utkarsh: At this point I will suggest that we should keep English as the medium of instruction in Universities. The reason I say that is as the time goes on, the global market place will value English speaking countries for some trades. I am sure this is one of the reasons why India is exporting more programers than China or Chezch Republic to the developed world.

probably. How about schools run by religious institutions? Should these get government funding, and should they be allowed to admit students of one faith preferentially? If the govt. pays all salries, this is a legitimate concern.

Utkarsh: At BDP, one of the principles is that governement should not get involved with religious issue. Even though it is good to help all faiths, costs are high to do so. Secondly a comparison is bound to happen and in the end result we get more heart burn then what is intended at the first point. So my thought is to stay away from any funding of religious education. 

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