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Re: Manifesto

> Utkarsh: At this point I will suggest that we should keep English as
> the medium of instruction in Universities. The reason I say that is
> as the time goes on, the global market place will value English
> speaking countries for some trades. I am sure this is one of the
> reasons why India is exporting more programers than China or Chezch
> Republic to the developed world.
Although you raise a valid point, it doesn't lend itself well to the 
claim of keeping all education (in universities in English). Both China 
and the Czech Republic are considerably better off in economic terms 
than we are, and continue to grow quite rapidly, notwithstanding the 
fewer programmers they have. 

My preference is to teach things in English for which there is value in 
knowing them in English (like business, science, math, computers, etc.) 
On the other hand, a rural development program or even an urban design 
program could gain considerably by being taught in the local language, 
which is the one actually needed to implement any such learning 
successfully. What is the benefit/need in/to learn everything in 

I also am not sure if the global marketplace will necessarily view 
English speaking nations more favorably. An economically strong China 
could easily tilt that balance, there are far more Chinese speakers than 
English speakers. Windows is available in Chinese, and other techinical 
and commercial ventures will naturally tend to the existing nature of 
the markets. If we all know Hindi, the big boys will make the stuff work 
in Hindi. Why put the horse behind the cart hoping that in time some 
other cart can be hitched to its behind?

Also, in trying to leverage our efforts on to a bigger plane so that 
growth becomes self-sustaining, we need to co-opt as many people into 
the development process as possible. Why put up barriers in front of 
people by having them learn in unfamiliar languages, why not simply 
teach them in languages they already know, at least in fields where 
there is not much international interaction?

Let's keep talking, and see where the argument leads. I'm willing to 
settle for limited learning in other languages with all else in local 
ones. But I remain open to hearing the other side?

I'd sure like to hear from some others who have been on the sidelines. 
It is good to see increased participation once we narrowed down the 
topic. In a couple of days, I'll put up a status report on the debate, 
and highlight the unanswered questions, and we can use the rest of the 
week to narrow them down. 

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