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Re: Education

> 2. Make sure that the inhabitants of every city, town and village have access 
> to a school with proper facilities and a competent teaching staff, giving 
> every person an equal oppurtunity to work towards his/her goals irrespective 
> of religion, caste, creed or sex.
> 3. Admit students to Undergraduate studies, not blindly based on their scores > and castes, but based on aptitude, skills and merit.
> 4. Increase the financial allocation for education in the national and state 
> budgets so that these objectives can be met.

A couple of questions about the process of admitting students...

Riding above these points IMO is the fact that there be more schools to
begin with. One thing everyone agrees is the fact that the population is
growing by leaps and bounds, and the available facilities in terms of
number of schools are not sufficient.
To suffice with the number of schools present, one needs to increase the
admission limits, which again would depend on the resources in terms of
space and funds the school can afford to accomodate the number of
Should it be left to the management to decide how many students to be
admitted per academic year? 
In this case, will there be an elimination round to select the students
for the specific academic year?
I understand that it is at this level in the present system, there is a
possibility of the odd late entries getting an admission by using their
higher level influence, but if we make the system a privately managed
system, with appropriate govt. funding, can this process be avoided?


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