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Stopping Moderation temporarily

Since no one has come forward in the past 8 hours yet to help out in
moderating the list for a few days, till Puneet returns from India, I am
making this back into an unmoderated list. All msgs will now go DIRECTLY
to the list.

This brings added responsibility on all of us:

Please note: No commercial msgs; no private msgs meant for other forums,
no inappropriate msgs of any type. Please double check every msg sent out
to IP for relevance, particularly during the week, when we are hopefully
going to temporarily close discussion on education and move on to other

If any inappropriate msg gets through, I'll simply have to suspend the
entire list till we get a moderator since we do not want to make anything
unpleasant for anyone.

To prevent the eventuality of this list being suspended temporarily, I
would therefore urge you to come forward as moderator: the task is very
simple, and I'll send you the instructions. Anybody, sitting anywhere in
the world, can moderate this list.


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