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Re: In Defence of Hindi Movies

My question is whether this is immediately relevant to the initial 
goals of this group (ie make India better in wealth, physical knowledge
and physical power). A case could be made that it would foster unity,
make easier communication etc which would effect the above three. But
in my opinion it is not a primary or even a secondary effect. Should
we spend our time then discussing this?


Pratap Raju wrote:
> > 
> > As per Sanskrit as a possible national language, I would like to
> > point out that Sanskrit is not the basis for a major subset of
> > Indian languages, viz.  the 'Dravidian' languages. (I do concede
> > that they have borrowed, some more liberally than others, a great
> > deal of vocabulary from Sanskrit.) I believe that, before we start
> > discussing (especially contentious) issues such as language, we
> > should form a consensus on the deeper issue involved here:


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