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Electoral Reforms, Population Policy and Other Points

Electoral Reforms:
Candidates wishing to contest elections must make public the details of any 
criminal case pending against them.
It is easy to argue that *if* the person is found innocent, it is unfair.
Here, I should say that *if* the person is guilty, the nation suffers. The 
benefit of doubt should go to the nation, not the individual.

Regarding banning of opinion polls, I feel the Election Commission has acted
in a high handed manner infringing on the right to information. Opinion polls
and exit polls may sway the voter - so what? Do I not have a right to decide
whom to vote for after noting the general trend and basing my decision
solely on that fact?

Population Policy: I saw on the web site a proposal for population ministry.
I strongly support that view. The actual solution of "how to attack the 
problem" seems straightforward. Pay as cash Rs.3000 per couple if any
one of them undergoes sterilization. Six months down the line (or any suitable
date), pay Rs.3000 to those undergoing sterilization after second child and
Rs. 5000 to those who opt for it after the first child. 
Target: 1 crore persons per year.
Tax benefits should be made accessible only to those following the two child
norm. Priority in jobs should also take this into consideration. When all
other factors between two competitors are equal except the number of children,
the one with lesser children should get the benefit. 

HealthCare: The manifesto should include immunization program for children.

Disaster Management: There seems to be no policy at all on this issue.
The information during the recent storm in Gujarat was given; the port
authorities did not know how to use this information. OTOH, indian airforce
flew out 60 aircraft from jamnagar the previous day. 

ID Card: How about introducing smart card as ID card? This will solve the
contentious issue of whether caste should be included on the card. Some
experts feel it is needed to help them. With a smart card, it would be
encoded and readable only in certain government owned equipment.


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