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On Sat, 12 Sep 1998 Vikram@cinenet.net wrote:

> I have direct experience in getting more than 60000 illetrate children to
> schools in the last 5 years.  

that's great: could you pl. disclose your identity and your organization's
name? We must more closely work together. I can put your association's
name on the IP web page.

> Just as we are
> willing to sacrifice a lot for our children the rural parent  is also
> willing to do the same for his child.  We have proved it 60000 times in a
> district in AP that parents sold their last goat, buffalo to enable them
> to send their child to school.  What they want is CREDIBLE institutions
> where they would get the confidence that the child is educated. Schools,
> classrooms , \teachers are important. 

this is exactly what all studies have shown, plus my experience: the key
culprit is that schools are not "credible" - teachers don't attend, funds
meant for school buildings have often been misappropriated by the
'higher-ups' including Chief Ministers (like the case I mentioned), so
that there is no roof on the school, no toilet for the girl child, etc.

Parents are keen and in fact 'crazy' to give their children better
education, but our government system has completely misappropriated the
initiative and the money. 

The critical importance therefore of running the ENTIRE school system as
NGO, non-profit system (societies) with fixed grants and privately audited
statements, plus complete control over appointments by the school itself,
and not by government. Some private, for profit schools might go on, but
that is not going to be the mainstay of education.

Would you please confirm this view, Vikram? so that we can adopt this as
the key principle for expansion of education? 

> Education must be compulsory, it is employment generating (we ha have 2000
> teachers working with us at varius levels) and there are direct benefits
> ..I dont have to tell you the benefits of primary education

compulsory etc., I am not sure. let us build credible schools first.

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