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IP has a new resident member/director, etc.

a) Rajeev Manikoth has kindly agreed to be a part of the initial founding
team on the board of IPI as a resident member. He will also be i/c of
Visual Communications as Director i/c Visual Communications. (all members
of the Board should be called Directors, and hopefully each of them will
be i/c of a particular area). Nikhil: could you pl. update the web page?

In reply to Rajeev's query below, my current view is that we should send
out a simple (as cheaply produced as possible) 20 pg document as soon as a
'consensus' is built up, and then work on more detail and debate till the
final document would be published next year (end 1999). Design is a vital
part. Also, PDF will be the desired web format for distribution.
Suggestions may please be sent to Rajeev. Also, those who wish to help him
keep a standby plan ready for this, may please also come aboard as office
bearers of IPI, such as Jt. Secy. Communication/Publication, or whatever.

b) By the way, we still need 2 more resident Directors who will help
create the IPI which can then be funded by us to print this first draft.

c) There is one vvimp person in India whom I would like to see as Advisor
to this effort: Dr. V.Kurien. Can anyone tell me his email address, or in
any way contact him, explain to him this effort, and tell him why it is
critical that his views should find suitable place in this concise

On Sun, 13 Sep 1998, Rajeev Manikoth wrote:

> How is the manifesto going to be produced, from where and what's the
> mode of circulation. I can design the document. I'll need these
> details anyway. There can be an online version, a downloadable PDF
> version and of course the print version for circulation all over.

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