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A point for the very top of the manifesto

This little sentence appealed to me tremendously. From "Life's Little
Instruction Book,volume II, #686, By Jackson Brown. Rutledge.

"When a good man or woman runs for political office, support him or her
with your time and money."

I know that in India we are all completely averse to either joining
politics or helping out the good folk who do attempt to join politics.
Even Gandhi had great trouble collecting funds (as cited by me earlier).
Let us therefore put this at the very top of the manifesto, as a kind of
"opening" page, with only one sentence on it.

I know nobody is running (currently) for political office here - at least
not until the document we have has reached a really good stage - but
people who run for political office should be supported by the citizens.
That is also a part of good citizenship, which many of us in India
seriously lack. Either run for political office, if you are a good
citizen, or at least support the good people who run for office. Who else
will get the good people elected?

This kind of an appeal for support should be possible to make because an
'ideal' party - the way we are designing it - should be able to guarantee
to the people that only good people will run under its 'banner' (as
assured through the Code of Conduct we have worked upon for a bit).


(PS: By the way, I seem to have violated the doctor's instructions to stop
typing so much (I'm still doing over 10 hrs per day in place of zero),
that my hands are swelling up even more, and aching everywhere, even tho'
I'm on very strong anti-inflammatory drugs. I am going to have to throw up
my 'hands' - as they say, and let everyone else do the talking. I am sure
that IP is in "good hands" and I can recuperate safely. Best of luck in
your goal of writing a good document, folks!)

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