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From BDP India

On Sun, 13 Sep 1998 13:05:57   Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:

Sure, you have merit in what you say, about BDP coming together and representing a viewpoint. I wish you and your group great success. Without your determined effort to debate openly, this forum woul
Utkarsh: Even though we have been working in IP to debate, I would not go to the lenghts to say that never before in India people have come together to debate with sincere minds and opted for the bes
However, in the end, it is the individual who represents himself or herself. We want everyone to state what he/she believes in. Not to repeat
a viewpoint of a group to which he/she belongs. So long as what you stated earlier (and I fully agree with that view, by the way), is your own view, I think we are talking as equals. There is debate 
Utkarsh: I disagree. If a group with million people believes in the same views for reform in India as we all, we have to work with the groups also. And sonner or later we need to move away from indiv
A view is a view, no matter how many millions of people are behind it. Simply because someone comes to me and says that socialism is the only way for India because 600 million people of India believecouldn't care less. I only care for the validity of the VIEW and not for the numbers of people who stand behind that view. One person holding a correct view (in terms of being the best in open debatedon't need more than one person to persuade me. The millions of people supporting that view don't really matter
Utkarsh: I absolutely agree. So if we all agree with the view on its validity, why there is any concern?

We have - jointly - tried to build IP as an issue-based discussion forum. The best issue must win. Period. The view you expressed had 100% merit by being expressed by you as your own, without having also represents the view of 250 other people. That view would have won the debate without reference to BDP or any other grp.

Utkarsh: Well BDP is a small group at this point. But when we debate of solutions to problems in India, we need to also see the practicality of the solution. We need to see why Congress, BJP or any o
I wish you all success in your efforts to organize Indians on BDP. In fact I would urge those who are not familiar with that work, to take a look at
what is being done there. These guys have some determination to reform India! We need more and more people like this.

Utkarsh: Sanjeev, that was not a solicitation for people to join BDP. BDP is again as much mine as yours. As you know, BDP members are participating in IP with a thought that we can come up with a st
However, back to IP: I would really appreciate if we only represent ourselves on this forum and keep its sanctity as a pure intellectual forum. As you rightly said, this point has been sufficiently tearlier, and we did agree - I fully remember - to keep this as a PURE debating forum with individuals representing what they stand for. Let us keep it that way. This way, everyone will feel free to pNational Debate.

Utkarsh: In no means IP is mouthpiece of any other group and as a member, I want to be sure that it remains so. But if we want to produce a statement on IP's behalf, we have to go above indiviual opi

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