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Time table needed

Time Table for 1st Round of Debates:

Would Arvind, as Coordinator of Debates (and he is also joining as
Director (Non-Resident) i/c Publicity) please formulate a strict time
table that we need to follow, to devote specific weeks to specific topics,
along with the Volunteer Rapporteur (I forget: what are the correct
spellings of this word?) for each topic. We will place that time table on
the web (send to Nikhil).

Editorial Board:

Thereafter I propose that we formulate an Editorial Board which will
review the draft for language. Ram Narayanan has already volunteered as
Reviewer, so he can lead this Board. We can drop the position of Reviewer
and merge with Editorial Board. In addition, I think Rajeev, Ash, Ajay,
Parth, Kush, Prof. Roy, and many others write very well. Please join the
Editorial Board.

Your responsibility will be to print out the work done by the Volunteer
Rapporteurs (please someone correct my spelling!) and send in suggestions
on language, to that the work is easy to read and understand. Send this
info about your being on the Editorial Board to Nikhil, please. Ram may
please think about this and give this proposal some struture (like
allocating areas to people so that no one is over-burdened and loses his
hands!). I am hoping for a bright young lady called Iris (from Bombay) to
join us soon. She would be ideal for this editorial work, too.


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