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Ash's point on missionary schools:

Why should we bother about exceptional cases like these? Isn't it
sufficient to know that these cases can be handled? Whatever we decide,
it is not going to be a part of manifesto. So isn't it an issue to be
by those implementing the schemes. The fairness IMO is a discussion
under the topic "Free citizen and Fair society".

For the manifesto, it should be sufficient for us to know that the point
is i) desirable  ii) implementable and we have a general idea of how it
might be implemented.

P.K Madhu on job security:

Providing job security should not be the concern of the government. The
duty of government should be to provide access to education, maintain
the standards, see that the ratio of teachers to students is kept at
has been decided etc. Providing job security doesn't in any way contribute
to betterment of society.
However, I should point out that you can expect any average teacher to
have his/her contract renewed. No one says that one has to be outstanding
for the contract to be renewed.

Ash on trading money for education:

The answer is No. Why should we give in to the whims of people who want
to study in a school of their choice. If the reason is that the Government
school is of low quality, effort should be made to improve the quality. It
not that all Government schools are of low quality. I am told that Kendriya
Vidyalayas (at least those in big cities) are of good quality and even
ranks despite the fact that the teachers are assessed on the pass percentage
and number of first classes.


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