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Re: Education

Dear Ash,
Education gives confidence.
This, I think is the most important contribution education can give tothe
illiterate.  In my experience, ( I am sorry I have to talk about this ) ,
the value education gives to the illiterate is confidence.  Years
(thousands) of exploitation in the present form was possible ONLY because
the benefits of education were given to a few who had the confidence to
articulate a point of view.  The child has the confidence to talk to his
parents his village elders, his peer group to represent his point of view.
Dont you think that democracy would work better if more of our children
are educated.
So Education gives working democracies.
We may not have the kind of representative politics of bihar if more of
Bihar was educated.
the ability to read bus numbers, the ability to read the instruction
behind the pesticide packet is highly revered in the agricultural
communities.  Slowly, I have watched landlords respecting the individual
--independent of his caste, if he is able to read and speak with
This is at a very rural level where I observe these changes happening.
More on the larger values of education later in the evening


 I thought the advantage of this debate is that I dont have to be
identified.  I am Chartered Accountant , but more than that a trustee of
M.Venkatarangaiya Foundation, (MVF in the NGO circles).  We are doing
pioneering work in the Ranga Reddy Dustrict of Andhra Pradesh and getting
Children out child labour and admitting them into schools. MVF is funded
by CRY and HIVOS, a Netherlands based organisation.

On Sun, 13 Sep 1998 ash_mahesh@hotmail.com wrote:

> How about some opinions on what we hope to achieve through education. In 
> essence, why is education important? I have some ideas on this, but 
> rather than simply write my own thinking as a premise for the policy, I 
> would like to hear the arguments that IP members have in putting forward 
> their policy statements.

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