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IndiaStar and new participants

Please welcome aboard Dr.Walia, the publisher of IndiaStar. Some really
good work being done by Dr. Walia. I would urge Dr. Walia to carefully dig
into the Indiapolicy web site and to contribute to the current debates/ or
help improve any of the existing documents we have prepared. The task is
very big: the work has just begun.

Nikhil: I notice that some new folk have been writing recently on the IP
list - and we are getting some really experienced and excellent folk on
board: I see a glimmer of hope for India once again. People are beginning
to reach for the fundamentals: find out the basic cause of what went
wrong. I am sure that the Education facilitator (Ash?) will compile the
report very well: a kind of preliminary consensus.

Also, Nikhil, could you please include their names/ biodata (to the extent
you can gather from their notes) and ask them if they have anything to
add/ subtract to that. Thnks!

This is Dr. Walia's info:

C. J. S. Wallia,  Ph.D.
Publisher, IndiaStar: A Literary-Art Magazine
Phone and Fax: (510) 848-8200
P.O. Box 5582, Berkeley, CA 94705, U.S.A.


PS: IndiaStar is going to be linked to the IP debate website as a
partcipating debatant. Would the India Literacy Project and MVF like to
see their organization web pages linked to the IP website?

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