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Free Citizen piece: temporary closure

The first item put up for debate was the Free Citizen piece. Today, for
some reason, I felt upto the task of reviewing the piece including Ash's
detailed suggestions.

Ash: most of your suggestions, I have incorporated in the 'consensus'
draft.  In a few things, I have 'entwined' your language with mine.

Major dissent: the 'right to exit.' My dissent is not with your content,
but with your style. Make your language very simple. Very simple indeed.
Then we can discuss again. Right now it was too complex.

In fact, now, in retroscpect, I do believe that the right to exit is
implicit and one need not even make it explicit. I have therefore removed
both my piece and all that you added on that one. Let us re-think it... we
might have a pretty good piece here without anything about the right to
exit and its offshoots. The key thing here is to write a piece which
defines the 'contract' that a political party must offer to each citizen,
telling the citizen that it is willing to provide governance services
within the confines of this fundamental constraint of all rights
originally vesting with the private citizen.

I know it is very difficult to come to a consensus on such wide ranging
philosophical foundations of policy. But we can give it one more shot. I
think we have done well, for a first draft.

I would urge Prof. Roy to take a look at this piece. And others, too. Once
done, we can 'approve' this for the first draft to be circulated to the
10,000 Indians in December, 1998. Then we could revise it based on
feedback received. 


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