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Re: Education

Any thoughts on limiting class sizes by law? That's not a flippant
thought, I assure you. If the govt is required to facilitate education,
it is reasonable that some measure of how well it is serving that
purpose should exist. Otherwise, the govt can run some facade and claim
that its obligation has been met.

Should people who have shown promise and innovation in starting or
running their own schools be encouraged to come into the state-run
system (with comparatively higher autonomy, perhaps)?


I'm glad to see we are not lacking in material. I will write the whole
thing up to fit a desired length, and please express yourself on what
this length ought to be! Remember we will have several such collections,
each important on its own. I propose a two-sided document on each topic,
at about Times 12 single-line spacing resolution. That ought to be
enough to lay out both our motives and our plans. Vet.

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