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Re: Milton Friedman's Comment

Professor Friedman has responded thus to the invitation to comment:

I am delighted to learn from Professor Roy that my 1955 memo is on the web and
easily available in India.  I am sure that if I were writing it today, it would
differ in many details and recognize the many changes that have occurred in the
past 43 years.  Yet I believe the general thrust would be the same.  More
important, I believe that the experience of those years around the world has led
to far greater support for free markets, minimum government intervention, and
floating exchange rates than existed then.

I congratulate you on starting an organization to promote human and economic
freedom and wish you every succfess.  The web provides you with a tool that I
and my contemporaries did not have and you are wise to make full use of it.

I might note that while I am passing from the scene, my son, David Friedman is
still active in promoting libertarian themes and he too uses the web.  You may
find useful material on his web cite which is http://www.best.com/~ddfr/.

May your movement thrive.  Milton Friedman

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