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cut! cut!!

On Tue, 15 Sep 1998 ash_mahesh@hotmail.com wrote:

> Any thoughts on limiting class sizes by law? That's not a flippant 
> thought, I assure you. If the govt is required to facilitate education, 

facilitate education, NOT provide education. This business of "law"
implies that goverment has to IMPLEMENT the legislation. No. I put my foot
down completely! Not one more law than is ABSOLUTELY necessary. 

I would suggest that we could set "desirable" limits, etc. But NEVER once
actually go about doing this stuff - having a law, a bunch of
"inspectors," etc. Let private NGOs monitor this if they like. We could
authorize Govt. to facilitate research in this area. But never delegate
this responsibility to government. Fatal mistake!!

OK. I must stop! Am I a maniac or what!

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