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Re: Free Citizen piece: temporary closure

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> Major dissent: the 'right to exit.' My dissent is not with your
> content, but with your style. Make your language very simple. Very
> simple indeed. Then we can discuss again. Right now it was too
> complex. (AND)
> The right to exit is also implicit, making it explicit may not be
> necessary.

If you recall, Sanjeev, the original poser behind my elaborate construct 
on who is "in" and who is "out" stemmed from a different question 
altogether, which is "who is the fair society fair to?" I may have 
stated it differently then, asking "should the society be fair to 
non-members"? Answering that question necessitated some formulation of 
the basis for membership. If we are going to leave out references to 
membership within the society and outside it, then it leaves the 
original question unanswered.

I will consider the language of what I wrote up and try to simplify. The 
unfortunate truth is that precise but elaborate language (describing 
laws and mores)  may well be necessary in any civil society, which is 
why judges agonize over the details. 

For the moment, we should at least have link to the earlier version, 
that will give others the opportunity to examine how "needed" it is in 
the manifesto.


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