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Educating our teachers

While we are on the subject of education, I'd like to present an
from the Times of India a couple of weeks ago. It's contents if true, 
are really disheartening!


For those of you unable to access the web, a copy in plain text is 
attached at the end of this message.

For our country to succeed in it's mission to educate it's masses, we
must first educate our educators. Now this is a catch-22 situation 
again. Who is going to educate our teachers, given that those who are
supposed to impart knowledge are themselves found lacking? 

This may not be the case all the time or all over India, but it still
is the case atleast substantially enough for us to have to sit up and
take notice. I, for one, was fortunate enough to have excellent teachers
all through my school years, well into Std XII (or PUC as we called it)
but a lot of our fellow students were not so fortunate. We need teachers
who can inspire, guide and mould a generation and not those who just 
sit in their classrooms waiting for their next paycheck. Which brings 
me to another issue. Like plans to increase salaries of MPs, Police 
personnel and other members of our "Government bodies", we should work
something out to increase salaries of teachers for they are our unsung
heroes(the good ones atleast). We should make those already in the 
profession feel rewarded and inspire those not already there, to look 
at this profession as one worth making a career out of.

How about having a minimum standards requirement for teachers? One that
makes sure of TRULY high standards unlike the present sub-standard 

Comments, suggestions, ideas, please pour forth.


PS: There's one typo in the article. 98.5 deg C should actually read
98.6 deg F but I'm sure You'll agree with me that it was unintentional.
Atleast I want to believe so!


Teachers show high level of ignorance at interview 

               The Times of India News Service

AHMEDABAD: A recent recruitment drive for primary school
teachers by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation school
board, which manages the civic schools of the city, revealed that
teachers trained under the primary teachers training course (PTC)
lacked basic knowledge of several subjects.

A report on the tests conducted showed that only 28 of the 184
applicants who appeared on the first day of the interviews could
multiply 35 and 3 successfully.

However, most were found to be good at singing lullabies,
hymns, patriotic songs and could recall children's plays.

The School Board, in a press release issued here on Monday,
said only 600 of the 2,900 applicants for the teachers' post had
qualified for the interview.

On the very first day, a large number of applicants could not
name two Hindu rishis and few could explain square roots and
decimals. Some even confused the mathematical roots to

Only six per cent knew that the average temperature of the
human body was 98.5 degrees C and none could answer if the
temperature would remain the same if a person was in Kashmir.

Many applicants with MA in history made a cricketer out of Vir
Savarkar and few knew what a square meter was. Most knew
what a square and a rectangle was but few could explain a
triangle. None could say whether a rainbow could be seen in the

The applicants also fared miserably in spellings as well, the report

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