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"BDP India"

My suggestion would be to let the state educational bodies define standards. 
There are government bodies who conduct IIT/IIMs/IAS examinations. 
Why can't we create such bodies at the state 
levels to define standards for teaching at primary
and secondary levels. Such bodies can perhaps be made non-profit 
organizations. They should offer exams as well courses to
continually train teachers for improvement. They should charge 
indiviuals to appear in such certifications as well charge
school districts for any future training of employed teachers 
by that school.

All criticism of my comments are welcome.



On Tue, 15 Sep 1998 10:08:01   somayaji wrote:
>While we are on the subject of education, I'd like to present an
>from the Times of India a couple of weeks ago. It's contents if true, 
>are really disheartening!
>For those of you unable to access the web, a copy in plain text is 
>attached at the end of this message.

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