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This will not work.  the teacher needs confidence that he will be
employed. he needs pension benefits. Even the good teacher needs
permanence and comfort that the school willbe his employer and that his
children will be taken care of. 
Incidentally, has anyone checked how many teachers children want to
teachers? How many teachers want their children to be teachers?

that the best of  teachers dont get paid enough  is well known. Is there
another reason?
that the institution of teaching more respect from the society.   Respect
will come from recgnition of services through institutionalised
mechanisms.. not merely awards on the teachers day.  
My grandfather was a renowned teacher. he got a Padma bhushan for being
so. This was not long ago..about 20 years.  Is it possible in todays value
system a great teacher is recognised?


> In the summary sent in the prev. mail:
> read:
> ... These accounts, as well as funds allocated, will be published on the
> internet annually. One of the conditions of the receipt of funds will be
> that [all employees of the school, including teachers, be on 3-year
> contracts renewable by the management of the school, with no pension or
> other obligtions from anyone.]
> also:
> * Govt. will [partially] fund [but not manage] selected private,
> non-profit bodies, to set standards in various sectors and administer
> exams wherever necessary.

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