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Vikram wrote:

> teachers? How many teachers want their children to be teachers?
> that the best of  teachers dont get paid enough  is well known. Is there
> another reason?

I think we are all in agreement that teachers need to be paid well.
We even had a point that the government will take care of their salaries
though they won't be considered government employees. I don't know if 
this point was accepted.
It is a well known fact that even prestigious private schools hire temporary

hands, make them sign a voucher for Rs.2500 and pay Rs.600. 

> Subsidised lunches means more opportunities for corruption on the mid day
> meal scheme.No scheme I know of is without the head master, warden and
> a group of middle men looting the granary and giving substandard food to

Sure it means more oppurtunities for corruption but it works in TN. 
I know that there is corruption there too but it still works. You should go
there to see for yourself. TN has produced results. I am also aware that
other states tried it out and the money ended up as wasteful expenditure.


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