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Vikram wrote:

> employed. he needs pension benefits. Even the good teacher needs
> permanence and comfort that the school willbe his employer and that his
> children will be taken care of. 

I think this fear is unfounded. Contract is not a scary thing. By and large,
you can assume that it will keep getting renewed with an average
performance. It is only when something goes horribly wrong - like not
being able to multiply 35 by 3 or the economy going for a toss - that
termination is considered. Nobody advocates termination of a contract
unjustly. The children deserve a minimum standard. Surely, there will
be measures to check unfair termination (e.g. sacking of a teacher so
that the replacement can be made by my brother-in-law's nephew). A
system will not be created where the teachers are at the mercy of
the management's fancies. There must be a reason for termination and
the system should see to it that there is no misuse of any provision.


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