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Re: pension thro' social security system

Point No. 1: Old Age Security

This will not work.  the teacher needs confidence that he will be employed.
he needs pension benefits. 

Vikram, the statement I made was in context of another very vital system 
which has been proposed elsewhere. The Social
security system: "mostly fully-funded rather than pay-as-you-go, with 
some progressivity built into it." To implement this
will require requires buidling a good financial and electronic infrastructure 
- which is going go be discussed under

Nobody needs to be without pension - but that pension will have to be paid 
TODAY - and then stashed away into individual Social Security accounts.

Utkarsh: Even in the US which has an elaborate Social security system is 
not enough for living in old age. So the concept
of Pension is a genuine and resonable. After all if one gives his/her life 
for the institution, institution must give back.
A pension contribution after 5 year of service is not out of the world to me.

Point No. 2: Amount of payment:

We are talking of a merit based and highly volatile system of social mobility. 
In the US system (this is not so outlandish
an example as it sounds), the best teachers quickly grativate to the Ivy 
League universities. Start anywhere in the world.
If you are good enough, you will reach Harvard. So also, if you are a good 
teacher, you will be quickly recognized and
brought into the most elite schools in India. But that will not prevent other 
schools from having good teachers, since they
exercise complete control on the teacher. And we are talking of compensating 
the teachers who work in remoter areas
sufficiently highly.

In fact, I believe that if we follow such a system we will not need to raise 
the Education department budgets too
significantly in order to achieve wonderful results. 

Utkarsh: Sanjeev we keep on mixing school and unversity education. University 
compensation should be different. As the
Universities must be allowed to involve industry in raising funds for 
research the compensation method needs to be decided
by individual university. 

Point No. 3: recognition

Agree with Sanjeev completely.

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