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Re: (off-topic). code of conduct

Here is the gist of the Congress Working Committee's Code of Ethics:

CWC adopts code to enforce stringent ethical standards 

                                                      DH News Service 
                                                    NEW DELHI, Sept 15

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) today adopted a set of new code
of conduct for Congressmen with the avowed objective of enforcing
ethical standards in the party.

The CWC, at its meeting here today, approved an 18-point code of
conduct recommended by the party`s ethics committee headed by Mr A K
Antony. The new
set of ''dos and don`ts`` for the partymen is expected to be released
here tomorrow.

According to party sources, as per the new guidelines, which are an
addition to those norms of conduct already existing for active party
members, the
Congressmen are barred from collecting funds in the name of the party.

The new codes of conduct requires every party ticket-seeker to
disclose on oath any pending criminal cases against him. Congressmen
cannot seek or support
the candidature of any person involved in criminal cases, cannot
identify themselves with caste or communal organisations, inform the
party if and when criminal
cases are registered against them, declare their assets every year,
avoid ugly display of wealth, follow the two-children family planning
norm and participate in
movements for social and environmental causes.

ETHICS PANEL: The sources said an ethics panel for monitoring the
observance of these codes of conduct at the AICC level might be set
up. The panel may
have a chairman, secretary and four members. Similar panels were also
under consideration at the PCC level, the sources added.

Briefing newsmen about the CWC deliberations, senior Congress leader
Arjun Singh said the new code of conduct was approved as has been
resolved by the
party at its special brainstorming session in Pachmarhi.

The Pachmarhi Declaration adopted at the end of the three-day session,
had vowed to restore the party its ethical standards of the past and
''build a new
Congress`` under the leadership of Ms Sonia Gandhi.

DONATIONS: Apart from adopting the new set of code of conduct for the
partymen, the CWC decided that its members will contribute their one
salary for the Congress president`s relief fund. The Congress MPs and
MLAs have also been asked to part with their one month`s salary to the
fund. It also
decided to set up a human rights department within the AICC to look
into the human rights of the ''oppressed sections of the society``.

The CWC reiterated its support to the creation of Jharkhand and
Uttarkhand states.

---Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> wrote:
> "Sonia imposes code of conduct on partymen"
> Could anyone (Jal?)  apprise us with the entire code of conduct. We
> to know what existing political parties see as vital in terms of
> guaranteeing good candidates and ensuring honesty, quality, etc., of
> governance services rendered. The credibility of a party can be
meaured on
> the basis of the strong internal quality control that it maintains.
If any
> other party codes of conduct are found, please forward these, too.
> put up all these on the web site. SS

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