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Resource allocation

Two things, one a note on how things are going so far with regard to 
summarizing the debate, and the second a thought for the debate itself. 

(a) It is heartening to see that many opinions have come forward during 
the last week, indeed the participation levels have been consistently 
good. A flip-side for the one summarizing all the opinions) is that this 
creates an enormous diversity of thought from which representative 
positions need to be carved, but for once a happy burden to bear. As a 
first step, I will put togetheer the points of major agreement as well 
as the ones which represent macroscopic points of view. Depending on how 
this turns out, and subject to the review of the editorial board (it is 
still not clear to me who is on the review board other than Ram 
Narayanan), let's add the more specific points pertaining to control 
mechanisms and operating guidelines. 

(b) Without encouraging separateness, I would still like our schools to 
do a good job of providing equal opportunities. In the United States, 
especially in universities, Title IX provides for the equal funding of 
opportunities for men and women alike. A very obvious drawback of 
education in India is the especially limited impact it has had for 
women. Perhaps we should require than within certain limits (say 40-60%) 
which provide for fluctuation, resources alloted to school boards should 
be used to benefit boys and girls comparably, though not in equal terms 
necessarily. I.e., a boys-only program must be matched by a girls-only 
program of comparable value, with value being determined in terms of the 
childrens' overall development. That might go some way towards hastening 
the development of the girl child. Any thoughts on this?


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