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(It was nice  to see a lot of interesting
mails on "education" and we will be closing the
debates/discussions on the same by tonight,
Sep18. Ash has already started to draft a summary
of the discussions that we have had so far. I
post below a mail from Arvind listing the points
on "infrastrucutre" which will be taken up for
extensive debates/discussions next week. We look
forward to extensive participation in the same by
each and everyone---Madhu (moderator))

Points for Infrastructure (from archives as well as new)

Only private parties to be involved in construction and maintenance

Creating a capacity to meet highest expected demand

User pays principle - unavoidable subsidies will be done through
a social insurance program

Urbanization of the country

Planning Satellite towns

Power to be treated as a basic necessity

Identification of water sources in a scientific manner and ensuring
that water reservoirs are well maintained
(local government to be held accountable for any lapse)

Improving the efficiency of transport sector by
i) building better roads and better network of roads
ii) Abolition of Octroi

No limits on holding assets or any other limits which impede

A couple of points from the telecom/IT policy

Involvement of private parties in cabling and uplinking

Allowing private companies to own and operate their
own communication satellites.

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