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Re: Resource allocation

There are just two thoughts befoe we close our debate.

1. government all over the world is seriously and extensively involved in
primary education.  I do not see how it can "abdicate " its reponsiblility
.  I do not think privately owned schools will take us long in a
environment where illeteracy levels are high.  Any amount of effort by
NGOs cannot substitute the effort that the government can and should put
in. Healyth and education must be governments responsibility.
2. Nowhere in the globe has a country leaped into development without
strong foundations int primary education.  It is surprising that succesive
government policies in making India a global economic power(sleeping
tiger?)  does not include primary education as the MAIN focus for
devfelopmnt.  Maybe poor nations which have high literacy rates remain
poor (any examples?) but ae there any richnations with low literacy rates?


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