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Re: Private = Non-government

I have been thinking about this very same issue and here are some of my

1. In my scheme of things, there are 3 'branches': Private sector
(for-profit), NGO (not-for-profit) and Govt. Everything with profit motive
will be done by Private sector; the few basic tasks will be delegated to
Govt (defense, police, money), and the NGOs will do the rest.

Unless we think in terms of these 3 branches, we do get into problems.

2. Also, keep in mind that Govt. is NOT a monolithic entity. I like to think
in terms of 3 concentric circles with me at the center. Immediately around
me is local govt, then state & then federal. I have the most power, local
govt less than me, state govt less that local and federal govt having the
most circumscribed and enumerated powers. This is essentially the US
Constitution model.

So when we talk about Govt., let us be clear about which level we are
talking about., because different levels deal with diferent issues with
different parameters.

- manoj

>I am afraid the collapsing of the categories 'private' and
>'non-governmental' might have some unintended consequences. Even though

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