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RE: interesting:

Just a thought first articulated by the late Arthur Okun of the Brookings to
the effect that the market has a very important place but that to perform
its proper role it must also be kept in its place.

Perhaps the discussion on various issues could become a bit more nuanced and
balanced if Okun's sound advice is taken into account.



> this is exactly what all studies have shown, plus my experience: the key
> culprit is that schools are not "credible" - teachers don't attend, funds
> meant for school buildings have often been misappropriated by the
> 'higher-ups' including Chief Ministers (like the case I mentioned), so
> that there is no roof on the school, no toilet for the girl child, etc.

> The critical importance therefore of running the ENTIRE school system as
> NGO, non-profit system (societies) with fixed grants and privately audited
> statements, plus complete control over appointments by the school itself,
> and not by government. Some private, for profit schools might go on, but
> that is not going to be the mainstay of education.

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