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Re: Resource allocation

I agree completely.


On Fri, 18 Sep 1998 07:26:57   planck wrote:
>There are just two thoughts befoe we close our debate.
>1. government all over the world is seriously and extensively involved in
>primary education.  I do not see how it can "abdicate " its reponsiblility
>.  I do not think privately owned schools will take us long in a
>environment where illeteracy levels are high.  Any amount of effort by
>NGOs cannot substitute the effort that the government can and should put
>in. Healyth and education must be governments responsibility.
>2. Nowhere in the globe has a country leaped into development without
>strong foundations int primary education.  It is surprising that succesive
>government policies in making India a global economic power(sleeping
>tiger?)  does not include primary education as the MAIN focus for
>devfelopmnt.  Maybe poor nations which have high literacy rates remain
>poor (any examples?) but ae there any richnations with low literacy rates?

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