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Debate Closing shortly, some final points

(Arvind's mail which contains the points for the
next round of discussion has been sent yesterday
and I guess we will take them up for discussion
from Monday, Sep 21---madhu)

 The education boards will close this
evening, at which time the next topic will
resume. There has already been some indication of
that. I will write up the summary after I get
back home tonight, and if it does not get done by
tonight, it will certainly be up on Sunday
sometime by noontime.

Web manager, please set up a sub-site where reviews can take place.
Review board members, please vet the write-up once it is up. Everyone is
encouraged to stop by to ensure that points of particular interest to
him/her/them have been suitably stated.

In the meantime, I'd like to hear some thoughts on conditions we should
attach to resource allocation, especially with regard to ensuring that
all children get similar opportunities in the school system(s) we



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