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Re: Education

bdp.india@mailexcite.com wrote:
> I think primary and secondary level education is open to competition  today.
> I am sure they do have some quality education.
> But not everyone can afford those. And I am not sure that we want
> government to pay for every child to go to a private
> school either.

Srini: IMHO 'open to competition' is misleading. What is the competition
we are talking about? Is it getting desired number of students who pay a
desired amount of money as 'fees'? 
Is it the 'satisfaction' level of parents and students themselves?

Is it something that is being objectively assessed by any standard

Actually we can't depend on the first two criteria for any kind of
understanding except that quality school education is still a 'monopoly
of a few'.
Sad I am to note that there is no credible program or organization who
are engaged in 'evaluating' schools. We have to start this exercise with
designing a tool to evaluate. Govt. doesn't require this. Govt. can't
provide this. Govt. should not take up this. It is a group of experts
interested in improving education and willing to slog for this, who can
initiate this process. we are still in the mediveal ages in this regard!

> So like the rest of the world we should promote competition by bringing
> private schools but also provide affordable subsidized government education. IMO
 > government must provide free primary and 
>secondary education to all the citizens as it
> provides defence and basic amenities.

Well said; a genuine and correct stance. But what should be the
modality? Though not perfect, a voucher system that can be redeemed
towards school fees may pave way for a fairly dependable standard of
education. All children, poor or rich ahould get certain amount in the
form of vouchers. So, every one can have a decent amount of education.
It may be difficult to believe, but if the Govt. decided to share the
school education budget amongst eligible students, every child will get
more money than the fees charged by many 'hep' schools. In that case the
quality of schools in general will improve and children will have better
education. now we are depriving poor children of a chance of education
and at the same time a huge amount is being squandered to provide the
current 'Govt. school education. We have to convert this 'lose - lose'
situation to win-win one. This is where a public movement will help. 

These issues of curriculum construction, quality education and
accountability are very much related. But so far there is one monster
spoil sport, no sport is going to be easy or productive.


PS: Due to SERVER problem, I'm sending this 19th Morning. Hope it is
pardonable to be late.

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