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Education - Investment

> Utkarsh: I am in agreement but not comfortable with the words
> "managed privately". I would say managed by the local
> governement. But please do explain what do you mean "privately" here.
> * govt. is authorized to channel a (not 100%) subsidy into schools,
> in proportion to the difficulty in running that school
> with local funds. Govt. can also provide free land to schools
> wherever possible and provide funds for school construction
> Utkarsh: I am not comfortable to say exactly the same for university
> education. University should receive way too less
> government funding. May be a certain percentage of salaries and partial
> funding for equipment. But should be managed
> privately.

Srini: Instead of FREE land, the Govt. should allot land and schools
should be given to pay the cost in instalments. And this land could be
sort of auctioned for transparency. this will allow groups of people to
join and promote their ventures and practice their philosophy.
Corruption can be minimised for nobody is going to walk away with big
chunk of land free of cost!

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