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Re: (off-topic: urgent)

In this regard, there is also an urgent need of funds for the Gujrat flood
victims, probably that too can take up a position in this section of the

> I have received a personal request from the Chief Minister's Secretariat,
> Assam, to publicize Prafulla Mahanta's appeal for contributions for flood
> relief since the state is badly affected by floods at the moment. I have
> therefore put up a link to the appeal on IPI's web page. 
> I wish to take permission from all of you to do such things in the future,
> whenever necessary. These simple things from our side (of promoting such
> appeals) help us do something for our fellowmen in the 'field' who are
> suffering in more ways than one.
> Those who have access to web sites where many Indians drop by (such as
> BDP, etc.) might also take a decision in this favor: to promote the such
> appeals.

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