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Dr. Shah's full paper

Parth has sent in his full paper (with tables, etc) entitled, "New
Education Policy: Choice and Competition." It is now available at


along with a Word version.

I know this might be a bit late, but I would urge Ash to incorporate the 5
points proposed by Parth in our draft manifesto, re-worded if necessary.

By the way, who all have agreed to be on the editorial board of IPI apart
from Ram? Dr Asher - would you like to help out? I had also asked others
who might be experts in simplifying language. We would all benefit from
the editing skills of our Editorial Board. Please participate by sending
mail to Nikhil and Ram, and/or to me.

The idea is that once Ash compiles these points, he would submit his
compilation to the Editorial Board which would return to us through Ram.
It is this material that would then find place on the web, displacing
other, earlier material on education. Also, once all the points are sorted
out, the Board would once again vet the language of the compiled draft
(about 20 pages perhaps) and this one would then be jazzed up using
graphics and fashionable arrows, icons, etc., and converted into PDF for
printing at Hyderabad for despatch by mail to 10,000 top Indians from all

Thereafter we would return to the debates once again, iterating our own
draft through possibly the larger number of members on IPI at that stage.
We would also consider the feedback received, if any, from these 10,000
folk (to be input into computers at the head office in Hyderabad). We
might get a 10% response, possibly.

Now we are on infrastructure. Who is coordinating this? Please raise your


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