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Re:Objective of policy design

Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> wrote:
> Tho' not related to education directly, this is from the statement
>that Manju has recently made in the course of a debate, and I would
>like to propose its inclusion in the Preamble.
> > Objective of Policy Design:
> ===========================
> > On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, Manjunath Somayaji wrote:
> > What we need are policies and laws  which ensure that in the event
> > that the  government is in  any way less than  perfect, the system
> > will  make it  impossible for anyone with ulterior motives to even 
> > attempt to be dishonest and corrupt. 
> If we can achieve the above objective through the policies we are
> debating/ advocating, then we would have served India well.
> If no one has any objection to this statement from Manjunath, could
>Nikhil please place it in the Preamble?
> SS 

Who can object to perfectionism??  The above statement need to define
or rather lay some criteria on how the judgement will be made that
"the  government is in  any way less than  perfect?"
There always will be people who will attempt to be corrupt, and by the
way who can judge motives?  The attempt is not to eradicate corruption
but to make it so small that it becomes an insignificant factor.  Yes,
we can put such systems in place where anyone who attempts to take
advantage will have to think twice.  If they still decide to go ahead
chances are that they will be caught and justly punished.  Today
people do not have to think twice because they know there is no
In short, I do not quite comprehend the above statement.
Kush Khatri

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