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Our task is to define policy - policy that will work. Not merely to list
down a desirable environment.

Keeping this in view, I think it is senseless to say that education should
be entirely private run/managed/owned. If all children of this country are
to be primary-educated, at least, there is no way but for government to do
it. We simply cannot leave it to private enterprise/local voluntary bodies
to take it up. It might take ages before anything substantial is achieved.

School education of all children should be a MAJOR FUNCTION of the
government. I am saying this, despite having generally strong objections to
government role in our lives. This is because, I repeat, unless government
takes it up, univeral education will be impossible to achieve in a span of a

At the same time, *all education* should be delicenced (loosely speaking).
Education as business should be freely encouraged and not looked down upon.
Government should institute strong and effective regulatory authorities for
education - but should allow anyone to set up schools, colleges and
institutions to for education, in all fields.

Ajay Gandhi

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