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exception: very tiny one

This need not go into the manifesto, but let me mention it lest the
fomula I am proposing be mis-construed by friends from the defence forces
and transferable all-india services like defence accounts, etc.

Exclusively for the benefit of children of armed forces and those
government jobs which take them around the country, a system like the KV
system can be established. In fact, KVS started from this objective, but
rapidly degenerated by allowing local children to study there. Maybe there
was the problem of critical mass. Maybe the interaction is actually good.
But this is one case where the stake-holder becomes the government itself:
parents who are in government, being transferred rapidly from one part of
the country to the other. In this case also the same principle applies:
let the stakeholder run the school, i.e., the government should run the


On a personal note: most of my education was in private schools, since
presumably it was in the self-interest of my parents to send me to 'good'
schools. Then, from 8th - 11th, it moved on to the KV system, since my
father was in the Defence Accounts service, having been transferred from
one corner of the country to the other, at least 20 times in his career,
and private school admissions become more and more difficult as one goes
into higher classes. I therefore managed to study 11 classes in 7
different schools in different parts of the country. (To that can be
attributed my completely manic and disoriented behavior in helping create
this impossibly ambitious forum designed to achieve the No. 1 position for
India 100 years down the road, and typing furiously despite shooting pain!
Please do not send your children to seven schools if you can avoid that!
Crazy results can accrue! All the crazies of India - who still have hope
in India - Unite!!)

My son has been unfortunate in having to study in the public school system
of USA, and I assure you that this system - while HEAVILY FUNDED by the US
tax payer - is the pits.  Any ordinary Indian private school is ten times
better than these schools in building essential skills of language and
maths. Particularly in inner cities, where we are located in Los Angeles.
The problem with inner cities is that many parents do not take full
responsibility for their children's education. They seem to think that
they produce children as a 'favor' to the society. 

Also, the teachers in public schools, not being accountable, try their
best to MINIMIZE their work, by reducing the homework given, etc. In India
if a school were to NOT give lots of homework, we would withdraw our child
and shift to another school. Unfortunately one can't afford that luxury

For USA therefore, the voucher system is essential. For India, the voucher
system is NOT essential at this stage. What is essential is a private
(citizen/ parent) management of schools. We need very sophisticated
management systems before we can introduce vouchers in India.

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