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RE: interesting:

While there are many abuses in the system, thinking that NGO based system is
a solution may overlook the fact that unless social-poltical coalitions
and/or their self interest(brought about by demands for greater
accountabilty and transparency, particularly from the middle classes)
changing the form may not bring about as much of a change as one may think.

Also, decentralised solutions are likely to be more efficient in the Indian
case. So setting one type of arrangement as THE model may not be entirely
appropriate.Question of what the education is for also needs to be
addressed. In general, changes will be increamental, and not radical in the
Indian case.

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> From: 	ecsasher@nus.edu.sg[SMTP:ecsasher@nus.edu.sg]

> Just a thought first articulated by the late Arthur Okun of the Brookings
> to
> the effect that the market has a very important place but that to perform
> its proper role it must also be kept in its place.
> Perhaps the discussion on various issues could become a bit more nuanced
> and
> balanced if Okun's sound advice is taken into account.
> Regards.
> Mukul
> > this is exactly what all studies have shown, plus my experience: the key
> > culprit is that schools are not "credible" - teachers don't attend,
> funds
> > meant for school buildings have often been misappropriated by the
> > 'higher-ups' including Chief Ministers (like the case I mentioned), so
> > that there is no roof on the school, no toilet for the girl child, etc.
> > The critical importance therefore of running the ENTIRE school system as
> > NGO, non-profit system (societies) with fixed grants and privately
> audited
> > statements, plus complete control over appointments by the school
> itself,
> > and not by government. Some private, for profit schools might go on, but
> > that is not going to be the mainstay of education.

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