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Ash Mahesh's mail

Actually I had prepared a consolidated mail so that Ashwin could
use it as an easy reference. Ash, if you have missed out any point,
can you include it? Hopefully, a consolidated mail can be brought 
out every week before it is put into good english. Any volunteers
to do it? 

Govt funding
Standardization of curriculum, tests, quality of teaching
6% of GDP
promotion of polytechnics and schools providing trade skills
Incentive for corporates to fund and manage schools esp in rural areas
Free schooling for economically backward
Contact basis for teachers
Salaries of teachers to be paid by govt 
'Rural incentive pay' for teachers teaching in villages
Private universities
Govt funding for research in commercially non viable areas like 
        fundamental sciences and arts
Need based loans for higher education
Encouragement to participate in Adult education programs
Funding for training teachers
Industry certification to promote quality
Accountability to parents
Ensuring children go to full time day schools so that they don't end up
        as child labour
involvement of NGOs
Moving towards 100% literacy
Noon meal schemes
Language issue
Transparency in spending - accounts to be published


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