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Objections and Leakage

> Board), we spend a while inviting objections on this document. This week
> might be used to discuss the objections, while at the same time,
> discussing infrastructure. Assuming that Arvind, the Coordinator of
> Debates, will have no objection to this method, let me commence with my
> objections on the draft.

I have no objections. Our idea should be to allow all off topic posts that 
do not spawn new debates. So I think it would be okay to allow posts
which point to links and are appeals etc even on regular days.
Hopefully, discussing objections will not take away the focus from the
main topic. We can always experiment. If the debates get out of hand,
we'll revert back.
On the question of leakages, I haven't heard of Radhakrishnan's paper
but here are two jokes on the subject.

1.   An MP from Kerala once played host to his friend from Haryana who
was also an MP. The Keralite was a simple fellow whose main income was
from a couple of coconut trees and his salary. He lived a simple life in
a modest house. A few days later, he was invited to spend a few days 
with his friend. What should he see there - but riches like he had never
seen before. A reception committee picked him up and gave him royal
treatment. Three or four cars accompanied him and he was taken to a
mansion. He was given rich food and he enjoyed the luxury.
Curious, he asked his host how he had made so much money.
"I'll tell you tomorrow", was the reply.
The next day, they set off early in the morning in a car and after
driving through the countryside for a couple of hours came to a halt.
"Do you see that bridge over there?", asked the host.
"Yes", replied the man from Kerala.
"Well, half the money went into my pocket."
The subsequent year, the Haryanvi visited Kerala again. He was
shocked at what he saw. Imported cars, sprawling bungalows, luxury
like he had never seen before and so on. It was his turn to ask how 
so much money was made, that too in such a short time. 
"I'll explain tomorrow", was the reply.
And again, the next morning, they set off. Driving for a few hours into
the mountains, they finally came to a halt.
"Do you see that river over there?"
"Do you see that dam on it?"
"Well, the whole of the money went into my pocket."

2.    This they say is a true story but I think that it is only a joke. I
hope that things are not so bad that it is reality.

An IAS officer was transferred out of his district. When the replacement
took charge, the citizens of a certain village complained that the previous
officer was so corrupt that he got money sanctioned for a well but used the
money for himself instead of constructing the well. The new officer promised
to look into the matter and found that it was true.
So he promptly had more money sanctioned to get the well closed!

Here is one on efficient corruption (it appeared in Bangalore edition of the
times of india an year back)

A scooterist was stopped by a policeman and was found to have no licence.
So he promptly relieved him of twenty rupees. In order that the scooterist
not be harassed further, he was also told that if he was stopped again,
he should say that he had given Limca to the policeman at this signal.
He was not stopped that day. A few days later, he was stopped again by
a policeman. The scooterist being a smart fellow  remembered what the
policeman had told him and said, "I have already given Limca to the cop
at the last signal." He was still asked to pay twenty rupees and the 
policeman informed him, "Today is Coca Cola day."


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