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Re: Barun is more correct

Sanjeev: ========

Ajay, Vikram, Utkarsh and a few others who voted
for govt. production of education: please sit
back and think. At least 2 IAS officers who are
"inside" the system are now telling you the
truth about the system. Give up: give up
your faith in govt. managed education. Most of
India's literacy (whatever little has
been achieved so far) has been through private
effort. In Kerala it took a major role. Take a
close look at Parth's paper again. In our
senseless attempt in producing education through
govt., we are WASTING very precious resources and
demoralizing the good teachers everywhere.

Utkarsh: ========

Even though it is very tempting to believe that
the model of private schools at the elementary
level is working, I have few observations.

1. Only the middle class has been able to afford
these so called english medium schools. I am in
all agreement to make them legitimate schools for
education. We shold promote market forces
that are working in this whole business of
primary education. For that we still need
education standards and some monitoring
of fees and "donations" they charge. In a place
where demand is more than the supply, prices can
be what the owners want them to be. So I would
say let's legitimize these schools, bring them
under an unbrella, which makes sure that they do
not charge exorbitant amount of money to the
parents of these kids..

2. The poor and very poor still can not afford
private school education. Note that even for the
middle class parents it isnot easy for them to
send their kids to these schools. These parents
give away every small luxury for their kids to
attend these illegitimate primary school. Let's
fix the cause of the problem rather than saying
let's accomodate our problem of bad government
and corruption and find a way around it.

3. We have been saying from the beginning that
none of these solutions will work till a
government brings all the changes
together. Just giving money to schools is not
going to work till there is accountability of
money and responsibility and accountability at
the local level.

4. I still believe that government funding
for priamry and secondary education from the tax
dollars is justified. But daily management of
these schools should be left open to the most
qualified individuals selected by
the representatives of the people (who from the
basic definition should be doing good for
the society.)



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